Ensure Happiness, not Misery… Take responsibility!

It’s always easy to find someone other than yourself to blame for things that happen to you or around you… Easy to hold on to anger and resentment, easy to become ungrateful and bitter; easy to complain and criticize, avoid and run… That’s the perfect way to ensure MISERY in your life, while spreading it around you… The truth about life and ourselves is NEVER EASY to face, but the ATTITUDE we bring will make all the DIFFERENCE… BE positive, be grateful, WORK hard, FACE the unpleasantries in life bravely, ACT nicer than you feel, BE compassionate, and bare LIGHT especially when its dark… THIS is the perfect way to ensure HAPPINESS in your life, while spreading it to people around you!

-G. Libertad Dixon-



Reflexión Express

Escala de Prioridades:

¿Qué es más importante resolver? ¿Qué es más apremiante/trascendental/valioso?

Hay una razón (o muchas) por las cuales Panamá no sale del 3er mundo (perdón… ¡vías de desarrollo!)…

Tiene menos que ver con las fachadas de nuestros edificios y más con nuestras escalas de valores…

Aún no nos damos cuenta de lo que realmente importa, y de que en la medida que resolvemos lo verdaderamente importante las demás cosas vienen casi solas…

Hello world!

Hello everyone!

I initially registered to Word Press in order to comment in another blog on a subject of interest. Then I decided to open my own, and I guess I’ll figure it out on my way… So any questions, suggestions are welcome!

See you soon! xoxo…